The collaborative effort of
Rosalia Galassi, Cindie Jones, Adrienne Shurbet, and Angela Bonacorsi.

Together, they create a dynamic mix
in overall health and physical fitness.

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From three different countries and cultures, the Core Movement Collective instructors offer a fusion of collective experience in the fields of professional dance, athletics, sports medicine, body work, and coaching. 

The many facets of their training can be seen in the variety of offerings at the studio: Pilates, Gyrontonic®, Gyrokinesis®, TRX, Alexander Technique, coaching, massage, and teacher training.

In addition to offering group and private lessons for all ages, the studio hosts visiting master teachers in specialty workshops and presents freshly certified teachers full of enthusiasm.  The studio is filled with energy and accessible to all age groups and demographics.  For those who prefer a more scheduled workout, we offer a private studio space available for solo and duet lessons.

Professional and welcoming, Core Movement Collective is available to all teachers and students who wish to grow into the experience of their own strength, flexibility, and endurance through a balanced and educated approach that honors the human spirit.

Strength through core, happiness through movement.