Rosalia Galassi

Born in Florence, Italy, Rosalia Galassi began her movement career with ten years of dedicated ballet training.  As a young adult she moved to New York where she had a professional career as a book binder and teacher before moving to Santa Fe, NM.  In Santa Fe, Rosalia began her studies in Pilates with Master Trainer Michele Larsson.

Today Rosalia fuses her studies in Tango, Pilates, and Alexander Technique with her knowledge of injury and rehabilitation to specialize in working with clients who are recovering from injury as well as those who are seeking a higher level of fitness.


Adrienne Shurbet

Adrienne Shurbet, a Santa Fe native, has been with Core Movement Collective since 2011.

After 15 years of practicing Pilates with several different teachers and studios here in Santa Fe, she trained with Michele Larsson and received her certification through Core Dynamics.  Adrienne then went on to become a Certified Pilates Trainer through the Pilates Method Alliance.

She became a certified Rock Steady Boxing Coach in 2016 and established Rock Steady Boxing Santa Fe in January 2017.

Adrienne agrees with Joseph Pilates:  "Physical fitness is the first requisite to happiness."  An avid hiker and fitness enthusiast, she believes Pilates is the perfect compliment to any active lifestyle.  Enhancing balance, performance, and strength, it is a whole body movement that can be a lifelong practice promoting health and vitality.


Cindie Jones

Cindie Jones was born on McDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida, and raised in Tuscon, Arizona.  She graduated from The University of Arizona with a degree in French, and a minor in German, loving languages as well as other cultures.  After college she moved to Santa Fe with a Native American jewelry and crafts store where she was working at the time.  After about a year in Santa Fe, she started bartending.

About 15 years ago, one of her coworkers was getting a Pilates certification and Cindie agreed to be her "guinea pig."  Well... she was hooked!  Cindie started to desire a more fulfilling career a couple years ago and decided to get her own Pilates certification.  She studied with Virginia Nicholas at Pilates Core Integration in Temple, Arizona, and has been enjoying the teaching experience ever since!  Cindie is also a certified Rock Steady Boxing Coach


Angela Bonacorsi

Angela Bonacorsi, the new owner of GYROTONIC® Santa Fe, has been an avid sports and outdoor enthusiast all of her life. While living Santa Fe, NM she became a fully certified Pilates instructor through the Physical Mind institute in 2000. She has also worked with and taken workshops Michelle Larson of Core Dynamics (now owned by Kevin Bowen) ,Balanced Body & Team Pilates. Angela is also certified in The Gyrotonic® Expansion System, Gyrokinesis, & Esogetic Colorpuncture. She's owned 2 Pilates and GYROTONIC® studios and was co-owner of The Movement Studio in Santa Fe until 2016. She is also a Balanced Body Educator on the MOTR and Movement Principles.

Through her work as a physical therapy tech and hands on experience working with post rehab patients and a mostly active and aging clientele over the years she has developed a way of working with each unique individual & making exercise both fun and educational. Her goal is to help individuals achieve an enhanced sense of awareness during sports and functional everyday activities using the body & mind connection. Outside the studio she loves to travel, snowboard,mountain bike, & hiking with her dog.


Kevin Bowen

Kevin is regarded both in the United States and internationally as an advocate and authority for the Pilates industry.  He was a co-founder of the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) and owned and operated his own studio, Pilates Miami, for more than 13 years. He has also served in the position of Director of Education for Peak Pilates.

Currently, Kevin is the owner and director of Core Dynamics Pilates, a Pilates Teacher Training Program.  He also works as a consultant and program developer for various companies in the health, fitness, and Pilates profession. Kevin has been featured on many local television channels around the US, including CNN and the Discovery Channel, and has been a contributor and author of numerous articles on the Pilates method in Pilates Style and Ocean Drive magazines.


Audrey DErell

Audrey Derell has been a life long aficionado of dance arts.  She began her studies at the Finnish National Ballet and, as a petit rat, performed the classics in Helsinki.  Audrey was a scholarship student at the Brussels Opera Ballet under Maurice Béjart.

As a young adult, Audrey studied flamenco in Sevilla, folk dancing in Brussels, and modern dance forms in New Mexico.  Later, she directed a dance company of children and teens for 19 years in Santa Fe, NM, engaging local choreographers and guest artists.

After a quiet period devoted to family and to raising her daughter, Audrey returned to public service, certifying in the Gyrotonic® method, and founding Artfolio, a photography service that serves visual artists.

She currently teaches dance at NDI-NM, ArtWorks and at Core Movement Collective in Santa Fe.

Kiki Vance

For Kiki, exploration of movement with deep body awareness is a profound pathway to inspiration, humility, humanity, new discoveries, healing and more.  With a lifetime of study in movement and bodywork she has enjoyed years of physical adventure including her share of injuries along the way.

The challenges and recovery from injuries are part of what have helped Kiki relate to her clients and students.  She finds that the somatic explorations of movement and the body can evoke a curiosity and playfulness that help us find resonance with others, the poetry of ourselves and our authentic being-ness we can share with the world.  

She is 25 years deep in her time as a bodyworker and movement instructor; Pilates trained, GYROTONIC® Instructor, Somatic Movement Therapist and Educator, KMI and Board Certified Structural Integrator.